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Candace Hartman


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Artist's Statement:
 My art sprang from a desire to explore perceptions of reality and the multi-faceted prism through which we view life. The precarious raindrop, the warm rush of wind or murmur of the ocean waves challenge me to capture the essence of existence and touch truth for a moment. The creative process which turns a blank canvas into a life-like image is my driving force and motivation. Immersed in the vibrancy of color, texture and form I lose my sense of self and become part of the whole, emerging invigorated and refreshed with a renewed sense of wonder. The creative process is why I paint, not to be understood but to understand. As Marcel Proust said, the only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
Current Exhibits:
 Candace is currently participating in an Exhibition of emerging artists in SoHo, New York
 Kent Harrison Public Art Gallery Harrison Hot Springs, BC, Canada; Fall Art Exhibition of the Western Art Circle; SoHo New York Group Artist Exhibit
 Member of the Western Art Circle; Supporting Member of the Canadian Federation of Artists; and Member of the Vancouver Contemporary Artists
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